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Fluid Handling

Highly innovative, modular solutions based on rotary positive displacement pumps from leading brands for production in the processing industry. The pump is configured for your application, based upon the chemical characteristics of the handled fluid, operating data such as viscosity, operating temperature and pressure. All our custom solutions meet your process requirements which results in optimized production processes and product quality. Important benefit is the long service-life; low cost-of-ownership!
Modular gear pumps and (dosing)systems for the processing industry. Pulseless and highly precise. From µl/hour up to 2,400 l/minute. Even for tough conditions!


Pump unit for

Pumps & pump systems

Optimize your process with pulseless, precise pump solutions with flows from 1µl/h up to > 2,400 l/min.

Dosing systems

From simple standard dosing units, up to specially developed multi-channel dosing units, or multi-component dosing equipment.

Quick disconnect couplings

Flat face and CUP couplings for practically all liquid and gaseous media

Filtration systems

Filtration systems to separate or clean contamination from chemical substances, lubricants, plastic melts.

Applications for Fluid Handling

Applications for Fluid Handling

The use of our solutions for Fluid Handling

Our reactor systems are robust and perfect for demanding processes. Safety devices for hazardous applications are available to safely carry out your process. The versatile reactors are user-friendly with options such as fast-action-closure, tilting mechanism for heavy reactors and reactor lift. A wide range of accessories is available to perfectly match your specifications.
Do you need a custom designed skid? Our engineers will be happy to work with you to create the optimal solution!

Advantages of our solutions for Fluid Handling

  • Customized pumps and systems to perfectly fit your requirements
  • Low maintenance costs – Low cost-of-ownership!
  • Robust and high quality – sustainable solutions!
  • Also for demanding processes

Technical data of our solutions for fluid handling:

Volume from µl/hour to > 2,400 l/minute
Differential pressure up to 200 bar
Temperature -30°C standard up to 320°C
Viscosity from 0.1 up to 4,000,000 mPas
Materials SS, cast iron, cast steel, Hastelloy, Titanium
Optional other materials (e.g. tantalum) Certification ATEX, CE, FDA, material and test certificates

Our specialists are here to advise on the optimal solution for your process. Our engineers will design a system for you according your specifications.

Let's talk!

Examples of application areas for our solutions for Fluid Handling

  • Dosing catalysts, additives, perfumes, dyes
  • Pumping and draining of residue
  • Feeding into distillation columns, extruders, mixers, reactors, etc.
  • Discharging viscous liquids out of vacuum with low intake height

  • Transferring liquids
  • Lubrication of bearings, seals, machines
  • Circulation of liquids
  • Corrosive liquids

  • High temperature applications
  • Low temperature (< 0°C) applications
  • Heating oils


Download here the available brochures and other information about Fluid Handling.


Check here some examples of applications we supply for fluid handling.


Food & beverage
Suurmond supplies solutions to optimize your process and improve the quality of your end-product. Our specialists will be happy to advise you.

Let’s talk!

Let's talk!

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