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suurGLASS reactor

suurGLASS reactors are universal, smart & easy to use glass reactor systems. The system has been developed in partnership with customers. Ready for use, with 5 different vessel sizes and 25 nozzle configurations to meet the process requirements of your application. You choose!
Quick & easy interchanging vessels without removing the upper section. Single-person-operation!

The use of the reactor

The suurGLASS reactor systems have a modular design for the use of various types of glass reactor vessels. Using high-quality Borosilicate glass reduces the risk of breakage when exchanging components. The jacketed, heatable reactors are also “shock-resistant”.

The reactor vessels are fitted with a “zero-dead-volume” bottom valve. The cover plate is executed with 5 nozzles. 4 of the nozzles can be used for Pt-100, condenser and other sensors and accessories. The fifth nozzle is used for the agitator. Up to 25 nozzle configurations are possible!

A selection of different mixing elements completes your reactor. The removable drip tray is standard in stainless steel.

In addition to the standard configuration, specials can also be supplied. You can also upgrade or modify the reactor at a later stage.

The suurGLASS reactor is a table-top model with an ideal height for operation. suurGLASS fits in a “table-top” fume hood.

The suurGLASS reactor is delivered fully assembled. If necessary, the final assembly can be arranged by us on site.

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  • Quick & easy, tool-free interchanging vessels without removing the upper section (motor/ dynamic seal/ cover)
  • 1 cover plate for various types of reactor vessels, DN150
  • Heatable reactors (jacketed)
  • Simple & quick set-up
  • Optional components to meet your individual requirements
  • Table-top model; fits in a fume hood
  • Complete reactor solutions including thermostats are available

An important feature is: our own design, Quick-Action-Clamp. This clamp is fixed on the frame and used to hold the cover. This enables a quick and easy exchange of the vessel without the need to remove the upper section (motor/ dynamic seal/ cover). Exchanging the vessel now is a single-person-operation! Quick and easy!

Technical data suurGLASS reactor

Volume reactor vessel
1 – 5 litres, using the same cover plate
Material reactor vessels
type I, Class A borosilicate glass that complies with ASTM Specification E438 for the exceptional chemical and heat resistance
Material drip tray
standard in stainless steel
anchor, propeller, impeller, turbine
up to 200°C
-1 to +1 bar
a wide range of glass accessories like burette, cooler, dropping funnel, various sensors

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Examples of application areas

  • Chemical synthesis
  • Process development
  • Stirring, dissolving, mixing and extraction

Suurmond supplies solutions to optimize your process and improve the quality of your end-product. Our specialists will be happy to advise you.

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Let's talk!

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